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Digital marketing in industry business need to be down-to-the-earth real and effective. Every company should create its own unique competitiveness combined with its competitive advantages and its target market to maintain smooth communication. In the era of big data, compared with the vast ocean of information, while the company can not effectively use the convenience of the information. Companies are confused where to go and how to go, and are worrying about competitors intelligence will continuously take away their market share. Digital marketing can bring you exactly what is also unknown. In fact, your market positioning, product attributes, as well as the future direction of the channel have a direct impact on how to do digital marketing. Based on the in-depth insights of industry market and the profound network of industry resources, Ai-Xi provides you the following services:
Marketing research

Timely Market Report:

The effective market research can give companies a distinct advantage over their competitors. Delivering timely information to key decision makers can be accomplished via the deployment of a well-designed and well maintained market report dashboard. Market report dashboards deliver numerous benefits to enterprises. Companies can achieve significant cost savings by adopting performance dashboards, because they allow for better decision making by giving management recent or even live information. Additionally, by consolidating disparate reports, companies can manage exceptions, reduce manual administration work, improve organizational alignment, respond to business changes faster, and enable rapid problem detection and escalation.

Research Project:

In terms of market potential, competitors activities, product pricing and lifecycle management, distribution channel, new product launch, and SWTO analysis… Ai-Xi provides you the marketing research service according to your needs, the process is as following:
Marketing research