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Ai-Xi - About Us

Ai-Xi precision marketing is a international integrative marketing consulting and service company, based on years of marketing management and operation experience in listed foreign companies, the profound understanding and insights of marketing instruments, and the in-depth industry network and resources, Ai-Xi positioned itself to provide the most Practical and Professional consulting service including marketing positioning and strategy consulting, market research service and content marketing service.

Culture of Ai-Xi Precision Marketing

Ai-Xi’s company culture is routed from the inner power of light hearted and happy socializing with colleagues and customers, keep open-minded to new things and trends, put the heart into the internal and external communication, has clear plan of the project results and pursue the best outcome which beyond the customer’s expectation, hence build up the strong Ai-Xi working ethics.
company culture:intergrity,full hearted,happy,open,begin with the end in mind

Mission of Ai-Xi Precision Marketing

Mission of Ai-Xi Precision Marketing is to utilize the expertise to help the customers to be better off, to be the navigator of the customers business and constantly upgrade the customer’s competitive edge with strategic and systematic consulting service.
company mission:expertise,strategy,navigator

Vision of Ai-Xi Precision Marketing

Vision of Ai-Xi Precision Marketing is to be the expert of experts and contribute the transformation of China from manufacturing base to brand marketing stage.
company vision:expertise,strategy,insight